Kumar Krupa Guest House

Pilot ECBC project awarded by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, GoI
Project Name   : Kumar Krupa Guest House
Location : Bangalore
Typology : Guest House
Client: Karnataka PWD
Certification : ECBC Demonstration Project
Built Up Area : 20000 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

Integration of energy conservation measures (ECM’s) in the architectural and services design stage
Cavity wall of AAC blocks with low U value for comfortable indoors
Overdeck insulation for roof to prevent entry of direct solar radiations
Skylight provision to allow daylight into atrium
South West & South East designed with low WWR (12.98 % 10.67% respectively) helps in curtailing thermal gain through fenestration
Lighting automation system for the common areas of the project for ease of use
Energy savings of 20% through incorporation of ECMs such as box Windows with raised sill height, optimized WWR, efficient VRV system
Reduction in the capacity by 100 TR and capital cost for air conditioning system by around 40 lacs on account of energy conservation measures (ECM’s)
Simple Payback calculations reflect a cost recovery within average 2 yrs, rendering the ECBC compliance as financially viable