Forest Academy, Chandrapur

Project Name   : Forest Academy
Location : Chandrapur, Maharashtra
Typology : Institutional
Client: PWD
Certification : GRIHA 5 Star Rating (On going)
Built up Area :  27700 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

Sustainable planning through preservation of existing  trees, new plantation, less cutting and filling, etc
Water savings through low flow fixtures
Rain water harvesting through various strategies such storage tank, bores and recharge pits
Bio swale serving as landscape feature and facilitating storm water collection and infiltration
Root zone system for treating on site waste water
Monitoring of energy consumption by sub metering numerous systems
On site renewable energy to off set building energy consumption
Use of fly ash in construction from local thermal power plants
Design with local stones and wood
Energy savings through efficient VRV and centralized cooling system with high performance
High performance double glazed unit for all air conditioned spaces
Reduction in heat island effect by heat reflective roof tops, shaded paved areas and increased vegetation
Cavity wall of fly ash bricks for increased thermal resistance
Ecological enhancement through dense plantation
GRIHA exemplary performance award for best site management practices during construction