Ajile Baner

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Project Name : Agile

Location : Baner, Pune

Typology : Commercial

Client: Malpani Group

Certification : IGBC Green New Buildings – Platinum rating (Pre-certified)

Built up Area : 1,13000 sqm

Green Highlights of the project:

  • Integrated design approach involving all team members for designing and constructing a high performance building
  • Incorporation of adequate erosion and pollution control measures during construction stage to ensure sustainable site management practices.
  • Reduction in heat island effect by reducing paved surfaces and usage of high reflective roof finish.
  • Universal design
  • Reduced water consumption by 30% as compared to IGBC baseline.
  • Rain water harvesting.
  • Waste water treatment and reuse to reduce usage of municipal water.
  • Reduced energy consumption by 40% by incorporation of energy conservation measures such as optimized facade design, high performance envelope, efficient lighting and air-conditioning system.
  • Renewable energy to offset 13% of annual lighting energy consumption
  • Offsite renewable energy investment
  • Incorporation of waste management strategies such as segregation of waste, on site organic waste management and handling of waste during construction.
  • Adequate fresh air intake in all air-conditioned spaces to ensure indoor air quality.
  • Daylighting and outdoor views in all regularly  occupied spaces.
  • Use of low VOC finishes in the interiors.