Kumar Krupa Guest House

Pilot ECBC project awarded by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, GoI

Project Name : Kumar Krupa Guest House

Location : Bangalore

Typology : Guest House

Client : Karnataka PWD

Certification : ECBC Demonstration Project

Built Up Area : 20000 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

  • Integration of energy conservation measures (ECM’s) in the architectural and services design stage.
  • Cavity wall of AAC blocks with low U value for comfortable indoors.
  • Overdeck insulation for roof to prevent entry of direct solar radiations.
  • Skylight provision to allow daylight into atrium.
  • South West & South East designed with low WWR (12.98 % 10.67% respectively) helps in curtailing thermal gain through fenestration.
  • Lighting automation system for the common areas of the project for ease of use.
  • Energy savings of 20% through incorporation of ECMs such as box Windows with raised sill height, optimized WWR, efficient VRV system.
  • Reduction in the capacity by 100 TR and capital cost for air conditioning system by around 40 lacs on account of energy conservation measures (ECM’s).
  • Simple Payback calculations reflect a cost recovery within average 2 yrs, rendering the ECBC compliance as financially viable