ARaymond Fasteners India Pvt. Ltd

Project Name : ARaymond Fastners India Pvt Ltd

Location : Chakan, Pune

Client : ARaymond Fastners India Pvt Ltd

Typology : Office

Certification : LEED NC- Gold Rating (Completed)

Built Up Area : 76800.5 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

  • 82.39% of areas receive adequate daylight.
  • Evaporative cooling systems and turbo ventilators to enhance natural ventilation.
  • 46% of site area is landscaped with native species and high oxygen emitting species.
  • Restricted Turf grass area.
  • 50% saving in landscape water requirement when compared to a base case.
  • Company Buses plying at multiple routes reduce individual vehicle use.
  • Employees encouraged to use energy efficient vehicles with provision of electric charging points.
  • Energy saving of 45.59% against the baseline case, primarily by virtue of following design measures –-Energy.
  • Efficient ventilation and cooling system installed for large volumetric spaces and office spaces, a combination of Natural Ventilation, Evaporative Cooling and Air Cooled VRF.
  • Reduction in internal lighting demand on account of day lighting. Further reduction in consumption due to high efficacy lighting.
  • Installation of energy efficient external lighting fixtures ensuring substantial  savings.
  • Roof insulation and high performance DGU minimizing heat build-up in indoor spaces thereby also reducing the load on HVAC systems.
  • Low Flow and Low Flush Fittings cater to 56 % water use reduction.
  • STP – AirObix® STRP basic system recycles water with 95% efficiency.
  • 100% of treated waste water is reused for landscape and flushing so no surplus is let out into sewers.
  • About 55% of wood used in the entire project is FSC certified.
  • 97.55% of Construction waste generated has been diverted from Landfill.
  • Use of eco friendly refrigerants in VRV system – R410a (0 ODP and 1890 GWP) and R407c (0 ODP & 1700 GWP).
  • Multifunction meters integrated with systems, enable timely monitoring and measurement of consumption streams.