Oval Nest

Project Name : Oval Nest

Location : Warje, Pune

Client : SRK Developers

Typology : Residential

Certification : IGBC Green Homes-1st Platinum Rating in Maharashtra (Completed)

Built Up Area : 19,500 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

  • 100% Solar Water Heating saving 270MWh of electricity per year.
  • Wind Solar Hybrid System saving around 30,000/- per month
  • Natural Daylight and Ventilation reducing operational energy costs of tenants.
  • Better usability of open recreational spaces on account of optimum shading.
  • 54%  of  reduction  in  potable  water  consumption  by  having  Water treatment and reuse for flushing and irrigation 100% Organic Waste managed, treated and reused on site.
  • Low flow fixtures for water reduction.
  • Efficient irrigation management through drip and spray jet systems.
  • 50% of the overall vegetation is drought tolerant.
  • Vermi-compost pits for the organic waste management.
  • Material saving during construction by re use of waste such as bricks/tile for filling work.
  • Lighting energy reduction through optimized window design for day light penetration.
  • Development of biodiversity park as well as garden near entrance of a buildings offers environment friendly environment for occupants