Palladio, Pune- Phase 1

  • VKe
  • Architect

Project Name : Palladio, Phase 1

Location : Tathawade, Pune

Client : Vilas Javadekar Eco Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Typology : Residential

Certification : GRIHA Rating-4 Star Rating (Completed)

Built Up Area : 12000 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

  • Efficient segregation of Bio degradable and non degradable waste by using garbage chutes.
  • Organic waste treatment in 7 vermi compost pits provided on site.
  • Reduction in landscape water demand by 55.74% by provision of STP treated water through drip irrigation.
  • Native and naturalized plant species for landscaping.
  • Reduction in building water demand by 25.93% by provision of low-flow plumbing fixtures and use of STP treated water for flushing.
  • Visual comfort achieved through well designed landscape areas connecting the buildings and provision of appropriate openings for adequate day lighting inside.
  • Use of fly ash bricks , application of heat reflective paint on roof, provision of terraces, balconies, horizontal shading devices and appropriate glazing reduces 45% of direct solar heat gain thus contributing to 84% energy savings.
  • Installation of solar hot water system to suffice 100% hot water requirement, thus reducing the consumption of energy generated from non-renewable sources.
  • Use of low energy materials for structural, non structural applications and interiors.