Qubix Business Park, Pune

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Project Name : Qubix Business Park-Tower 4

Location : Hinjewadi, Pune

Typology : Office

Client : Qubix Embassy

Certification : IGBC Existing Building Rating system– Gold rating (In process)

Built up Area : 30400 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

  • Efficient waste segregation and provision for treatment of organic waste within the campus.
  • Systematic approach towards handling and disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Use of bio fertilizers and organic compost from OWC for promoting plant growth in the landscaped areas.Energy conservation through efficient outdoor lighting.
  • 35% water savings by installation of low flow plumbing fixtures.
  • On-Site treatment of waste water and its reuse for flushing and landscaping.
  • Provision for monitoring of energy consumed for various applications.
  • Water consumption monitoring by installation of water meters for different supply such as cooling towers, flushing water, irrigation supply, domestic water supply, etc.
  • Efficient air conditioning system and lighting contributing to lower EPI below 150 Kw/sqm/year.
  • Improved indoor air quality through supply of treated fresh air supply to AHU.
  • Installation of carbon di oxide monitors in the ducts of the AHU thus enhancing the air quality by release of ozone which oxidizes VOC content in the air.
  • Use of eco friendly housekeeping chemicals.
  • Recreation spaces such as gymnasium, game room and break out spaces to enhance employee experience.
  • Ecological enhancement by modifying large water body into landscaped area encouraging avi faunal activity.