SKF Corporate Office, Chinchwad

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Project Name : SKF Corporate Office

Location : Chinchwad, Pune

Typology : Office

Client : SKF

Certification : LEED India-Platinum Rating (Completed)

Built Up Area : 3500 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

  • Energy savings of 25 lacs per year through water cooled VRV system and optimised building envelope, lowering the operational costs.
  • Ecological Landscaping with minimum lawn area.
  • North light and optimum windows with light shelves provide 100 % Day lit building.
  • Storm water management using Bio swales.
  • Climate responsive design and material selection based on building simulations to reduce construction cost of green building.
  • More than 50% of trees transplanted and sustained on site.
  • Use of LED and CFL lighting fittings with daylight sensors in workstations.
  • Use of Energy efficient pumps and motors.
  • 100kWp Solar PV panels installed on sloping roof facing South; this contributes to offset 20-30% of annual energy consumption.
  • Installation of Measurement and verification equipment to monitor energy consumption during operational period.
  • Reduction of 35% of potable water consumption through low flow fixtures.
  • High SRI finish for roof to reduce heat ingress.