Sky Belvedere, Lunkad Realty

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Project Name : Sky Belvedere

Location : Lohegaon, Pune

Client : Lunkad Realty

Typology : Residential

Certification : IGBC Green Green Homes Version 2 – Platinum rated

Built Up Area : 15000 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project :

  • Green vegetated spaces for a healthier eco friendly environment within the site for a serene experience.
  • Light colored finishes for the pavements and exposed areas to reduce heat island effect.
  • Building terraces covered using light colored tiles to reduce heat gain from the top roof and give a comfortable home to the top flats.
  • User friendly for differently abled and old people by providing features like ramps, handicapped parking and toilets, and braille in the lifts.
  • Electric car charging facility to encourage use of battery operated vehicles.
  • Electric cart for the old people to travel within the site.
  • Naturally ventilated space along with daylight giving an overall refreshing experience.
  • Sufficient day-lighting with adequate shading devices to achieve a balance between  heat gain and light.
  • Sanitary fittings with lower flow rates for water conservation.
  • Storm water run-off from the site harvested using the rainwater pits.
  • Sewage treatment plant on site to treat the waste water from the dwelling units.
  • Treated water reused for landscaping and flushing requirements along with car washing, thereby achieving water conservation by recycling and reuse.
  • Organic waste composter to treat all the organic waste generated.
  • Compost formed is reused as a manure for the green areas of the project.
  • Water meters and energy meters  to monitor the consumption of water and energy by the residents.
  • Fully air conditioned homes with fresh air supply and CFC free refrigerants.
  • Solar photovoltaic cells installed to cater to the common area lighting consumption of the building.
  • Solar water heating systems cater to the hot water requirement of the project and conserve energy.
  • Energy efficient lighting and appliances installed in the entire project.
  • Exhaust fans in the bathrooms and the kitchens for better indoor quality.
  • Modular kitchen with electric chimneys.
  • Use of low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants for the interior works so as to protect the health of the occupants and provide healthy living spaces.
  • Occupant well being facilities like  club house, swimming pool, etc. for the residents.