TE Connectivity, Pune

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Project Name : TE Connectivity

Location : Shirwal, Pune

Typology : Factory

Client: TE Connectivity

Certification : IGBC Green Factory Rating System– Gold rating (In Process)

Built up Area : 5800 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

  • Provision of shuttle services for the employees and staff of the office.
  • Facilities such as Creche, medical room ,canteen and breakout spaces to enhance employee experience.
  • Lush green Landscaped area of about 31% of total site area comprising of native and drought tolerant species.
  • Provision for charging of electric vehicle.
  • Rainwater harvesting through recharge pits.
  • 35% water savings by installation of low flow fixtures and sensor based urinals.
  • Zero lawn area thereby conserving water.
  • 100% waste water treatment within the campus using STP of MBBR technology.
  • Efficient building envelope, lighting, VRV and air cooled chiller contributing to 33% savings in energy.
  • Daylit areas reducing load on artificial lighting.
  • Energy sub meters to monitor energy consumption  for different applications.
  • Roof Top Solar Photovoltaic catering to 100% of annual energy consumption reducing dependency on municipal grid for electricity.
  • Fast construction with PEB structure made up of recycled steel.
  • No use of asbestos in the entire project.
  • Outdoor fresh air for all office spaces.
  • Low VOC paints, coating and sealants to improve indoor air quality