VK:e environmental is committed to render high quality environmental services, conducting thorough Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies and Preparation of EIA report to obtain environmental clearances :-

1. With professional excellence & continual improvement for customer satisfaction.
2. Which includes expectation on quality, time, and value for fees.
3. Work which is in line with Rules & Regulations framed by concerned Government authorities and any quality requirements expressed by State / Central Environmental Committees.
4. Keeping in balance, interests of all concerned stakeholders through a rational & technical approach. Stakeholders as mentioned in the ‘Scope’ of the manual.
5. Periodical reviewing the processes and the records for continual improvement.

The Communication of Quality Policy is such that it is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels. Thus, the Quality Policy is circulated to all employees during the Induction training period and it is made available for reference on the office system electronically. The Quality Policy is also made available on the company website.

The Quality Policy is in force since 2016 and will remain effective till VK:e’s business activity is operational. The quality policy shall be reviewed annually for continuing suitability.



The top management shall ensure that quality objectives including those needed to meet the requirements for product are established at the relevant functions and levels within the organization. The organization has formulated the quality objectives that are measurable and consistent with the quality policy to strive for leadership in the environmental services for company business.

These are collectively specified herewith –

The objective of the quality policy is to provide customer / stakeholder’s satisfaction for quality environmental services. These objectives are valid for a specified duration – up to year 2020 and will be reviewed at the end of the period.
1. Every EIA report conducted by the company receives:

• 4+ rating in customer satisfaction / feedback.
• Maintaining 100% compliance with competency mapping of the EIA team
• In every internal review of EIA report, all FAE’s (IH + EM) should score +3 rating.
2. Enhance the skills of management and staff through periodic review and at least two training annually, to perform effectively.

3. Controlling & monitoring the information supplied by vendors.

4. Strive to continuously improve the methods and tools applied in our environmental services and to master the challenges of new technological developments.

5. Provide work environment that helps to build and retain a motivated team of professionals committed to excellence in work and enhancement of knowledge base.