Shades of Green

Sustainable development has many shades of green.

Sustainability Brief

There are many issues which can be considered under this heading and there are unlimited solutions which can be assessed for their suitability for each project.

Therefore we suggest that an initial briefing process which produces a Sustainability Brief for the project. This brief will underpin the architectural design, the master plan and the services design for the proposed development.

Key Objectives of Briefs

We suggest that sustainability brief be based on the following key objectives:
01 Minimize life-cycle costs
02 Reduce resource consumption
03 Reduce resource waste
04 Increase system efficiency
05 Emphasize source and waste reduction
06 Create healthy environments

Environmental Check-list

We use an environmental check-list to present and discuss various environmental issues and appropriate response through design.

We believe in passive systems which are integrated in the planning, design and construction of the project, which enable better cost control of green projects” We tailor-make solutions based on the project requirements and sustainability vision