Passionately Promoting Sustainability. Passionately Promoting Sustainability. Passionately Promoting Sustainability. Passionately Promoting Sustainability. Passionately Promoting Sustainability. Passionately Promoting Sustainability.

Sustainability Makes Business Sense!

Climate change has compelled us to rethink our models of growth and progress. We have come to realise that is our quest for development, we are slowly eroding the very basis of our existence – our natural resources. 

With India poised for economic development, we need to ReThink! Can we as business leaders, take our steps towards Sustainability such that India moves to a world that is environmentally, socially, and economically efficient? The answer to the question “Where does Sustainability begin?” is often found in a simple change in mindset. 

We at VK:e help you in transforming projects to environmentally responsible ones. We offer customised solutions while working with you on the CAPEX, OPEX and sustainability goals of your project through an Integrative Process.

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Practicing Sustainability with VK:e


We REthink to help you REdesign buildings, REinvent to integrate REnewable Energy, REengineer processes to REduce pollution, REform township landscapes, REinterpret management practices to help REcycle, REstructure supply chains to REuse and much more.



Green Building Certifications
International Certifications
Environmental Clearance and EIA Studies
ECBC Code Compliance
Consent Management
Building Simulations for compliance
Environmental Design for Thermal Comfort


Net Zero & Low Carbon Development
Renewable Energy Integration
Value Engineering & Technology Assessments
Land Suitability & Ecological Assessments


Energy Audit
Water Audit
Indoor Air Quality Audit
Sustainability Reporting
Green Co Rating
Green Supply Chain & Waste Minimization Strategies

Benefits of Sustainable Development

Mother Earth offers us various Environmental services through its natural functions and processes. Sustainable development mimics these processes to contain the negative impacts of development and mitigate the same for a better life. Implementing sustainable development strategies through Green Buildings, Environmental Design.
  • Retaining and enhancing the local bio-diversity
  • Conservation of natural resources such as soil, fuels, water, materials
  • Reduction in carbon emissions
  • Reduction in environmental pollution
End Users
  • Cost Efficiency: lower running and maintenance costs – energy prices increase by 5 % to 7 % each year and water is getting scarce day by day
  • Branding: environmental credentials for a positive image
  • Health and Well beings: Good air, day light, comfort
  • Fiscal benefits in property taxes offered by local bodies
Extended Community
  • Energy and Water security
  • Reducing the burden on local infrastructure
  • Supports Market growth and supply chain for environmentally responsible products and technology
  • Increased local employment through the use of local materials and labour
  • Increased sense of community through use of public spaces and amenities, particularly if an architectural feature is made of a innovative technology.
  • Assistance towards reaching local, regional and national carbon saving, air quality and renewable energy targets also under various National Missions.
  • Better control on Micro-climate
Developer & Compliance Readiness
  • Fiscal or FSI benefits during project development
  • Ease of Marketing and better returns from projects
  • Future Readiness with environmental compliance becoming stringent day by day
  • Streamlining Enviro-legal compliance
  • ECBC Compliance
  • Compliance to Local Code interfacing with environmental aspects