Working towards a Sustainable Future for the Built Environment


To Work towards affordable, healthy, efficient and environmentally responsible Buildings & Infrastructure


VK: e Environmental Design & Adapt.

 Adapting to sustainability through ‘Better by Design’.

VK:e aspires to positively transform urban growth and align it with nature through ‘Better Design’ approach. Bringing in rejuvenating solutions for human habitats is symbolized by the form of waves, indicating harmony, balance, consistency and consensus within the five elements of life – earth, water, air, fire and space.

At VK:e, we are in the business of helping you practice Sustainability. We rethink to help you Redesign buildings, Reinvent to integrate Renewable Energy, Reengineer processes to Reduce Pollution, Reform township landscapes, Reinterpret management practices to help Recycle, Restructure supply chains to Reuse and much more…

Simply put, we ensure practicing Sustainability becomes our collective mission to make your business Resilient and Responsive to the growing challenges of Climate Change.