The Environment and the Economy: India stands at crossroads

Anagha’s article “The Environment and the Economy: India stands at crossroads”

India needs to develop its infrastructure for a focused period of 20 years to be able to fill the gap that has been caused since Independence. Governments need to invest and people need to support this infrastructure-building spree in the country, till the last person gets access to a basic, decent life. While doing this, we have to be conscious of environmental impacts, have processes to mitigate them, invest in environmental compensation efforts and rejuvenation as well. But the more delay we cause in this basic infrastructure building stage, more and more environmental degradation will be caused. And in the long run, it will cause irreparable damage to India’s economic opportunities potential. The question of ‘Environment or Economy’ will loom even larger if the Economy takes a backseat during this crucial period for India.”

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