Palladio, Pune- Phase 1

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Project Name   :Palladio, Phase 1
Location :Tathawade, Pune
Client :Vilas Javadekar Eco Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Certification :GRIHA Rating-4 Star Rating (Completed)
Built Up Area :12000 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

Efficient segregation of Bio degradable and non degradable waste by using garbage chutes
Organic waste treatment in 7 vermi compost pits provided on site
Reduction in landscape water demand by 55.74% by provision of STP treated water
through drip irrigation
Native and naturalized plant species for landscaping
Reduction in building water demand by 25.93% by provision of low-flow plumbing fixtures and use of STP treated water for flushing
Rainwater harvesting by provision of recharge pits to collect 100% run-off from roof for ground water recharge
Visual comfort achieved through well designed landscape areas connecting the buildings and provision of appropriate openings for adequate day lighting inside
Use of fly ash bricks , application of heat reflective paint on roof, provision of terraces, balconies, horizontal shading devices and appropriate glazing reduces 45% of direct solar heat gain thus contributing to 84% energy savings
Installation of solar hot water system to suffice 100% hot water requirement, thus
reducing the consumption of energy generated from non-renewable sources
Use of low energy materials for structural, non structural applications and interiors