Kannur International Airport, Kerala

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Project Name : Kannur International Airport

Location : Kerala

Typology : Airport

Client : Kannur International Airport Limited

Certification : LEED India-Gold Rating (Completed)

Built Up Area : 98000 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

  • Developed native landscaped area and preserved natural topography contributing to 48% of total site area.
  • Landscape area with native species reflecting state culture.
  • A network of channels, de-silting pits and contour trenches for storm water management.
  • Rain water harvesting using storage tank and recharge pits.
  • 100% treatment of sewage water and reuse for irrigation as well as flushing.
  • Reduced dependency on municipal water supply and drainage.
  • Overall water use reduction of over 46.02 % by using water efficient plumbing fixtures.
  • Biogas for treating organic waste.
  • Energy saving achieved as a result of best feasible strategies for shading ,facade optimization, lighting and efficient air conditioning system.
  • Reduced lighting power density for energy conservation.
  • Energy consumption reduction by28% as compared to ASHRAE baseline.
  • Appropriate selection of eco friendly and low embodied energy materials.
  • Reuse of excavated laterite stone for facade cladding.
  • Double glazed unit to restrict heat gain and achieve comfort.
  • Basic amenities such as ATM, fire station, police room, dispensary, medical room, etc provided within the site.