Devrai, Phase II

Project Name : Devrai Phase II

Location : Kiwale, Pune

Typology : Residential

Client : PWD

Certification : GRIHA- 3 Star Rating (On going)

Built Up Area : 3100 sq.m

Green Highlights of the project:

  • Native/ Naturalized tree plantation done along the periphery of the site to enhance biodiversity.
  • Use of paver blocks on pervious sub-base for better percolation.
  • 76% of water savings in landscape usage due to installation of drip irrigation.
  • Use of low flow plumbing fixtures leading to 34% and 48% water savings in residential and commercial respectively.
  • Pre-mixed concrete used to save water during construction.
  • Light wells provided to facilitate appropriate lighting in long and narrow passages.
  • More than 90% of interior day lit spaces.
  • Double wall for reducing in U value and better thermal comfort.
  • Recessed windows providing good shading to glass.
  • 84.72% estimated reduction in energy consumption compared to GRIHA benchmark.
  • Solar hot water system to suffice 96% hot water requirement, thus reducing the consumption of energy generated from non-renewable sources.
  • Solar P.V. Of 3 KWP capacity catering to common lighting.
  • Steel with 25% recycled content, thus reducing dependency on virgin materials.
  • 30% flyash used in P.P.C and 81% of cement replaced by flyash in non structural application.
  • 29% reduction in embodied energy in structural application